Things You Gave Up When You Started Riding

When I started horseback riding, there were definitely some things that I gave up without really knowing what I was getting myself into. It wasn’t until I was older that I started to realize the tradeoffs that came with choosing the equestrian lifestyle.

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  1. Vacations are about as common as unicorns. When all of your money goes into horse shows, there is hardly ever enough left for nice Hawaiian cruise at the end of the summer. Had you chosen a cheaper sport, you realize that you would have been able to spend your vacations in foreign countries instead of competing at a horse show that is two hours away.
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  2. Your nail salon lady sighs when she sees you. Don’t get me wrong, I love being an equestrian, but my nails are always in desperate need for attention. My nails chip after the third or fourth ride and the nail polish is always cracked after the first hour at the barn. My best advice is to get a gel manicure instead of a basic manicure because the gel lasts a lot longer!
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  3. You spend quite a long time at the hair dresser as well. It’s a lot of work to keep up with split ends and color. Sometimes your hair needs a trim after dealing with hairnets and helmets 24/7. Not to mention in the summer, it’s easy for hair to get bleached out. At least my horse doesn’t mind if my hair is a little on the wild side!
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  4. Laundry is never an easy ordeal. As a rider, I confess to having an obnoxious amount of breeches, tall socks, and polos. When it comes to laundry day, things can get a little messy. Trying to match one tall sock with another means digging through a mountain of assorted clothing categories. Is that a riding sweater? Did that slobber stain come out? Where did my sports bras go? All valid questions.
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  5. White is next to impossible to keep clean. It amazes me how my non-equestrian friends can wear white so frequently without getting dirty. I always try to subtly look and see if there is horse slobber or boot polish stains somewhere on their outfits because those have become so customary. What do you mean white can stay white for longer than three minutes?
    Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.54.04 PM
  6. You always have plans… And by “plans”, I mean “riding”. Things must be planned out in advance because anything that is not horse-related has to work around your horse schedule. Going to the barn takes a huge portion out of your day. You can’t just wake up and decide to go somewhere without thinking about the barn.

You’re “vacation time” is spent at horse shows. Your nails and hair are suffering. Your clothes are slobbered on. We get it, you’re an equestrian.

But you wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks for stopping by!

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